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30 November 2014 @ 02:24 pm
Nice to meet you!  
*What would you like to be called?

*Where do you hail from?

*What age are you?

*Which is your favourite series?
* The Farseer Trilogy/The Tawny Man Trilogy/The Fitz and The Fool Trilogy (part 1)

*And which is your favourite book?
* all of them

*How did you find out about the books?
*former boyfriend was a fan

*What made you love the books?
*it's the most humane and warm fiction there is

*What's the most memorable part of the books for you, and why?
* Fitz's upgrowth. The delicate discribing of childhood events and memories making all the difference in the formation of personality.

*Was there any part of the books that you yawned your way through?
*The battle scenes are always difficult for me to grasp but there was no yawning, no.

*Which bits kept those pages turning and turning?
*Don't really know. It's like they kept turning by themselves.

*Who is your favourite pairing?
*Fitz and the Fool. Fitz and Nighteyes.

*Who is you favourite character and why?
*Fitz. A hero in all his weaknesses.

*If you could change one thing about the books, what would it be?
* -

*Was it a cop out ending?
*The ending is yet to come

*Any last words?
*This kind of writing makes life worth living