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14 November 2014 @ 01:56 am
First post  
Hello all
Rather new to all this but saw this group and it being the subject of one of if not my favourite series of books thought I'd join the community

What would you like to be called?
"oi you there" will suffice
Where do you hail from?
London England
What age are you?

Which is your favourite series?
The Farseer Trilogy but I have not had that much exposure to the other series despite trying to find them in my local book shops (the chase is better than the catch I know it would be easy to just order or download)
And which is your favourite book?
Assassins Aprentice
How did you find out about the books?
Stumbled on the Farseer trilogy and Tawny man Trilogy in a second hand store while on a weekly book hunt and they caught my eye, I'm thankful that they did
What made you love the books?
The slow introduction of the more fantastical ideas such as dragons and magic but also the lack of explanation for certain things makes you instantly believe/accept in the idea or statement, there is no need to over explain or talk down to the reader you either slowly learn and then go ah I see now or just accept that's it's true in that world so roll with it

What's the most memorable part of the books for you, and why?
The realisation of how deep patience's love for fitz truly goes a big what if factor is there for both of them had things worked out differently and she had gotten her way with regards to him being adopted by her
Was there any part of the books that you yawned your way through?
Strangely no even during some of the slower parts they were necessary to the book and were great for vivd imagery
Which bits kept those pages turning and turning?
The drive to find out the answer to every question that is posed (predominately by the fool) but knowing you want even get half

Who is your favourite pairing?
Kettricken and fitz, something is tangible between the two but not as throughly looked into so is more intriguing same for nighteyes and kettricken
Who is you favourite character and why?
Nighteyes he doesn't take rubbish and has some of the best lines
Who is your least favourite character and why?
Queen Desire she's a right horrible cow
If you could change one thing about the books, what would it be?
Given fitz a way to still see patience but without her trumpeting around the world but that would never of happened so....
Was it a cop out ending?
Hardly the main character finds peace but not the happy ending wins it all, he loses a lot and as we see later in the tawny man more than we realise
The ending with the added detail of going beyond the usual story book ending of achieving the quest and that's it was a stroke of genius giving us a bit more of an after story enough to show he is alive but his victory is not complete in many ways.

Know where we can find some good fanworks? Robbin Hobbs official Facebook recently shared a link
Know of some good websites we all might be interested in?
Not unless your into non league football

Any last words?
Roll on fitz and the fool series