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29 April 2012 @ 12:37 pm
Let me introduce myself!  
I feel like I've got to breathe life into this community!
Let me do so by filling out this thing a ma bob

What would you like to be called?
I don't know? My name is Stan, let's just use that.
Where do you hail from?
What age are you?
16 (17 soon!)

Which is your favourite series?
Wow, that's a tough question. uhhh, maybe the first.
And which is your favourite book?
Probably Fool's Errand. I love Fitz's reunion with Beloved and the sad parts about Nighteyes death. Also Prince Dutiful.
How did you find out about the books?
My sister lent me her copy of Assassin's Apprentice and I became hooked.
What made you love the books?
In the first book it was the assassin training stuff that drew me in but I fell in love with the world and characters.

What's the most memorable part of the books for you, and why?
Most everything dealing with Old Blood and the White Prophet religion are parts that I really savored. I'd also say the funny parts with Nighteyes.
Was there any part of the books that you yawned your way through?
In Fool's Fate when they're on the ship to the Out Islands. Dx I'd also say many of the parts where Fitz has his little soliloquies about Molly or goes on an outing with her. In the Liveship series, I pretty much skimmed/skipped the serpent POV parts.
Which bits kept those pages turning and turning?
Assassin training, Old Blood, White Prophets (religions and cults fascinate me), derp idk

Who is your favourite pairing?
Fitz/Fool is the obvious one. (Chivalry/Burrich?) I'd also say I like Dutiful/Civil and uhhh really nothing from Liveship (Kennit/Wintrow cries)
Who is you favourite character and why?
Whoa what how can I even choose... Nighteyes, Will, Dutiful, Civil
Who is your lea
st favourite character and why?
Molly and Nettle. I just do not like their characters at all.
If you could change one thing about the books, what would it be?
Is the ending too obvious an answer? I guess I'd also say the part in Royal Assassin it is I think? where Fitz is running an errand and going to the market and comes upon a couple of Mountain traders and sees his mother but Molly distracts him. I really really really would have loved for him to have more of an interaction with her.
Was it a cop out ending?
Yes, I don't think Molly would have accepted Ftiz back so easily, especially right after the death of Burrich.

Know where we can find some good fanworks?
No, but I do draw fanart and may have a fic in the making.
Know of some good websites we all might be interested in?

Any last words?

I've been lurking for over a year but I guess it's time someone posted something! Also, does anyone else think Queen Constance was Witted?
Eleanorschythr on April 29th, 2012 07:57 pm (UTC)
Hi and thanks for posting, I'd actually forgotten about this comm til this showed up on my flist.
You're the first I've found here who ships Chivalry/Burrich as well. <3 I also found it a little strange how quick Molly accepted Fitz back again at the end.
I remember suspecting Constance may have been Witted, yeah. But it's been a while since I read the books and i can't remember why... did she have a faithful dog or something?
Licht Todlichttod on April 29th, 2012 08:30 pm (UTC)
Other people ship Chiv/Burrich too yay
Queen Constance had a little cat named Hisspit who loved the Queen's Gardens. I didn't really think anything of it until I noticed the cat is mentioned at least three times, which is odd.