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a fool and his fitz;

the high art of plumbing.

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Welcome to »fitzandthefool, a community dedicated to the works of Robin Hobb, in particular her three trilogies The Farseers, The Liveship Traders, and The Tawny Man. We welcome discussion, questions, comments, fanworks, and just about anything that comes to mind (except fanfiction1).

Your friendly neighborhood mod is »miarr, whom you can contact regarding just about anything, with or without capslock. My main job is to tag all entries and prevent forest fires. You can freely address the public, as well—don't worry, none of us bite.

1 Robin Hobb has a strict zero-tolerance policy regarding fanfiction. As a gesture of respect, direct posting of fics is disallowed—but seeing as most of the members are fic-friendly, links and tip-offs are fair game.


This is just another corner of fandom, and we're all here for the love, but just in case anybody needs to be reminded:

» Don't panic.

» As the title may suggest, we're a bit partial to Fitz and the Fool, especially together. If you have a problem with slash, femslash, genderqueer issues, or plumbing in general, better turn around now.

» This applies to everyone. No bashing or hating, no matter how much you're squicked. The only acceptable form of discussions is a rational one.

» Remember to put spoilers and long posts under an LJ-cut, with an appropriate warning. To hone your cut-fu, click here.

» Discretion regarding all matters fic-oriented is highly advised. That means putting all fic-related posts behind a friends-lock, and preferably an LJ-cut as well.

» Try, for the sake of the community, to maintain correct grammar and spelling. Nobody's getting banned over a misplaced comma, but we react badly to trolls, and this includes sloppy writing.

» Go! Do! Lots of newcomers seem to be worried about initiating new activities because they're not sure of the "heirarchy". Let me sum it up: there isn't one. Feel free to post surveys, prompts, challenges, trivia questions, random blurbs, fic, art, poetry, and whatever else you want to. If it's not proper I'll let you know, but until then, go wild!


A way to introduce yourself, or just while away the time. Note: questions of preference (e.g. "which is your favorite series?") are Hobb-specific.

What would you like to be called?
Where do you hail from?
What age are you?

Which is your favourite series?
And which is your favourite book?
How did you find out about the books?
What made you love the books?

What's the most memorable part of the books for you, and why?
Was there any part of the books that you yawned your way through?
Which bits kept those pages turning and turning?

Who is your favourite pairing?
Who is you favourite character and why?
Who is your least favourite character and why?
If you could change one thing about the books, what would it be?
Was it a cop out ending?

Know where we can find some good fanworks?
Know of some good websites we all might be interested in?

Any last words?

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